Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Year, new feelings: a different migraine experience

Vemma diary: January 2010

Today I am recovering from a migraine. It is the first one of the year and I hope there aren’t many more to come in 2010. The good news is, I can’t remember my last migraine. It must have been about three months ago. I think this might be a record and I believe I have Vemma to thank for that.

I also have Vemma to thank for lessening the severity of the attacks. Since taking the nutritional supplement every day, my body, it seems, has become better equipped in dealing with the symptoms of a migraine.

I experienced my first migraine when I was 12 years old, and 22 years on, I am finally starting to feel somewhat in control of my condition. That control comes from knowing and avoiding my triggers as best I can and having an understanding and knowledge of what my body needs to help prevent and recover from a migraine attack. Vemma really has been my migraine lifeline.

Even though I feel as if I am gaining some degree of control, the migraine condition can still surprise me.

Let me explain. The day before the attack I was very emotional. I felt anxious, gloomy and unmotivated. I couldn’t think straight. My mood was terrible and there was no snapping out of it. Ok I had a touch of the January blues, but my negative feelings were heightened greatly. I didn’t realise at the time, but a migraine was on its way. Mood swings are known to manifest before an attack.

The next morning I woke with an aura and immediately felt relief. I wasn’t frustrated, disheartened or anxious like I normally am with the onset of a migraine, instead I was relieved that I could finally move on from the horrible feelings of yesterday. It was a new day. Yes I had a migraine, but I would get through it and then I would be ready to get on with living my life again.

Happy 2010!

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